1 BTC = $6,507.880

How It Works

RJGM Crypto-Coin Solutions is a business that is made for the long term, being here since December 2016, when we started on another platform and then moved everyone to our own platform to help the members grow and maintain their business better.  With RJGM Crypto-Coin solutions everyone works as team players and we all work together to build a business that will be successful for everyone, in the long term.

RJGM Crypto-Coin Solutions is made up of 3 different programs:

The Power Cycle which is this platform. This is a 2x2 matrix system that is made up of 7 different matrices. Everyone starts in the starter level so it is fair to everyone. As you cycle through the 7 matrices that is in the program you will receive re-entries into the starter level and also a auto-purchase into the next matrix. We have set guidelines and requirements for this program to keep it going and growing so that it will be here very long term for years to come.

RJGM also has EthDomination which is our Etherium based program. It also is a 2x2 matrix system and has 4 matrices in it. With this program it is a cheaper way to get started in a business and it also works the same way as The Power Cycle works. As you cycle from one matrix to the next you will get 2 re-entries back into the Starter matrix and a auto-purchase into the next matrix. With EthDomination as you cycle out of the 3rd matrix Domination 3 you will also get a position into the Power Cycle and with Domination 4 you will receive 2 more positions into the Power Cycle.

This means you can join one program and work your way to the other or you can join both the choice is yours. 

RJGM Crypto-Coin Solutions 3rd program is The Power Build it is a 2x5 matrix system that is being built by The Power Cycle helping it to grow. A 2x5 matrix takes time to build because of it being so big. The two programs above help with this. As you cycle out of the various matrices of The Power Cycle you will receive accounts into The Power Build which helps it to grow and build so that everyone in time gets to the 14 btc with each account that they have. 

Here is an index of what you will find below on this page:

The guidelines and requirements of The Power Cycle
Instructions to sign up for the Power Cycle
The compensation plan

Please read the below information so that you will know the guidelines and requirements for The Power Cycle and how to sign up for an account and make the donation. At the end of the page you will find the compensation plan for each matrix and what is received each time you cycle out of each matrix.

Guidelines and Requirements for The Power Cycle:

For any program and business to work there needs to be some guidelines and requirements set for the members so that the business will continue to grow and build. The guidelines and requirments for The Power Cycle are easy, and they are easy to follow but if you are not going to follow the guidelines and requirements then RJGM Crpto-Coin Solutions is not for you. The requirements as stated is simple: When you cycle out of a matrix then you are to repurchase positions back into the program from the funds that you receive from cycling that is not counting the re-entries that the program gives you when you cycle. 

With repurchasing from the funds that you get from cycling this helps the program to grow which helps your business to grow and helps you to make more money in the long run. This also keeps fresh funds coming into the program so that it does not stall and continues for the long term. Below is the number of positions required to be repurchased depending on the matrix that you cycle out of. Remember this is the guidelines and requirements for when you cycle out of a matrix. However, if you would like to make additional purchases of positions to help you to build your business and make more then you can also purchase at any time that you have the funds to do so. Please do not take money that you do not have to purchase positions make sure that you can afford to do this  because it will take a little time for you to cycle. This is not an overnight riches program. It takes time, patience, a small amount of work from everyone and determination to want a business that is going to succeed to allow your business to grow and this is the best team that you will ever be a part of to build your business with.

Required position purchases per matrix:

Starter - purchase 1 position on cycle

Copper - purchase 2 positions on cycle

Bronze - purchase 3 positions on cycle

Silver - purchase 5 positions on cycle

Gold - purchase 7 positions on cycle

Platinum - purchase 10 positions on cycle

Titanium - purchase 20 positions on cycle.

Along with the repurchase of the positions you also have to promote and help everyone to bring in new active members that is how a business grows. We do have a Facebook group that you can join, and we also have several chats that you can also join. We also have a marketing group to help those that are new learn to promote and be a active member of our team business family.

How to sign up for an account and purchase position in The Power Cycle:

The above link is where you will sign up for your account
Click on the Register button
Make your account with your username, password, secret question and answer. When you make the secret question and answer please remember the answer to the question. No one has access to this but you so the admins won't be able to help you with it if you forget it.

Once you have signed up for your account:
Login to the account.
Add your bitcoin address
There is two ways to do this: There will be a button on the dashboard that will allow you to enter the wallet address or you can look to the left and click on Financial and then click on Bitcoin address. This is how you will always change your wallet address if it needs to be changed.
(Please check spam folder. Unless you make a filter in gmail which is the preferred email to use, the emails from these programs will go to your spam folder.)
Once you have added your bitcoin wallet address then look on the left and click on dashboard.
There you will see an upgrade button. Click on the upgrade button
When the next page opens up you will see where you can upgrade and it has a drop down box in it where you can choose 1 or 2 positions at once to donate for.
Be careful with the drop down donate button if you are meaning to purchase 2 and you choose 1 in that box then that is what the payment processor is going to show when the funds are sent in and there is no way for us to track it.
After choosing 1 or 2 in the dropdown box then click the next button beside it
Copy the address that is there for you to send your donation to
Go to your wallet and either send the 0.002 for 1 position or 0.004 for 2 positions whichever you chose.
If you have made a mistake with the positions before sending payment there is a cancel button at the bottom of the page. If you want to change your amount of positions etc. use the cancel button.
Using the back button will not work. 
Once you have sent the money from your wallet then you are finished with this purchase. As soon as the payment processor has the required confirmations then it will send the information into the system and your position(s) will be approved and placed into your account.
You can purchase 2 positions every 15 minutes for a total of 20 positions per day.

Compensation Plan:

Compensation Plan for The Power Cycle