1 BTC = $8,671.120


What is RJGM Power Cycle?

RJGM Power Cycle is a 2x2 hybrid system and the first of it's kind to work the way this program works. It is combining a matrix platform along with a cycler program together and forming one unique program that will be fast. The Power Cycle is made to put needed money into the members hands as quickly as possible. It is also an enhancement to the RJGM Power Build to help our 2x5 matrix to grow even faster than it is growing now so everyone reaches their 14 BTC as soon as possible.

How does the RJGM Power Cycle Work?

When you join RJGM Power Cycle you are joining a community of like-minded members who are all interested in the same goals. You get the opportunity to willingly work with the other members who have joined in a team enviroment, so that we all reach the common goal that we are all after. To better our lives and to help others as we help ourselves.

How to Participate:

First please start out by reading the How it Works page, and learning the strategy behind this program to see what we have designed to be a long term program. It also has the instructions for setting your account up in the Power Cycle and helps you decide which way that you would like to have your account, whether it be a single account with multiple positions or multiple accounts with one position. Once you have read the How it Works page simply sign up as a member by clicking on the Register Account now button and make your account. You can have 1 account or you can have multiple accounts, that is up to you. Remember only do what you can afford, you can always open more accounts and positions as you are ready to do so. 

Is RJGM Power Build available worldwide?

Yes, it is available worldwide.

How much Bitcoin do I need to get started?

You only need 0.004 Btc to get started and to upgrade to stage 1 (Starter). For current Bitcoin pricing & conversion, visit: Make sure that your account has enough to pay for your position(s) of 0.004 for each position plus enough fees to cover the transaction fees.

Are there any refunds?

Since this is a member 2 member donation program, the donations are being given freely and willingly (nothing is being purchased), there are no refunds. Also the program is automated so there is no way to give refunds due to when the donations are made the sponsor is upgraded at that time and the profits are sent to that member then.

What payment processors are used?

We only use Bitcoin to make it easy for members to donate to each other, and to allow the system to automatically upgrade each member after the transaction has been approved and confirmed by the wallet processor and sending the information into the system to approve and upgrade your account.

Can I have more than 1 account?

Yes you can, you can have as many accounts as you would like to open, please keep in mind that you can do one account with multiple positions or you can do more than one account it is however you choose to do it and which is better for you to be able to keep up with your positions and accounts.

I don't have a Bitcoin wallet, where do I go to open one?

You can use any Bitcoin wallet with this system, so it is your choice as to which wallet that you choose. Here are some wallet's that you can get:, Coinbase, Blockchain and there is also various other wallets. It also depends on what area of the world that you are in also as to which wallet you can use. This program will take any wallet so it is your choice.

Is it possible for downlines to upgrade and send donations to your upline instead of you if you're not at that stage yet?

No. This is an automated program and that is not possible the program will upgrade you and then will upgrade anyone that is above you that needs to be upgraded when the payments for them to upgrade is received.

Is RJGM Power Cycle set up like a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme means that only the top members of the hierarchy get paid, whereas with RJGM Power Cycle the program allows every member to receive the same amount by doing the same amount of work. 

Where do I add my Bitcoin wallet address also known as receive code to receive donations?

From your back office simply click the "Financial" tab on the left in the menu and then click on "Bitcoin Wallet", there you can  enter your wallet address and wallet website, answer your secret question then click on the "Submit" button to save it.

Can I use the same IP address as someone else in my household?

Yes, you can.