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A Revolutionary Platform

RJGM Power Cycle is a revolutionary platform that merges Philanthropy & Entrepreneurship.

Super Fast 2x2 Cycle

Start for only 0.002BTC. Get 0.007 btc in your wallet. Promote 1 team link. Plus 2 Re-entries, 1 Entry into Power Cycle and more.

The Flexibility of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most widely accepted and most valuable crypto-currency in the market today!

RJGM Power Cycle

RJGM Power Cycle 2x2 Hybrid is a new way of making money online. It is not a matrix and it is not a cycler but has the capabilities of both. We use this functionality to bring you a way to make money fast not to mention the other benefits such as 3 re-entries when your account cycles, 1 auto-entry into Power Cycle to make even more BTC fast and 0.006 BTC. This is not a program designed to make anyone rich, but it is a program that is designed to put money in your pockets with a carefully thought out strategy so that it continues to do so now and into the future. Please visit the How it Works page for more information and instructions.


How the RJGM Power Cycle works!

Creative Concept....

RJGM has created a unique way to put money into the pockets of anyone that wants to make money online. We have developed a carefully laid out program that is not a matrix and not a cycler but a combination of the two that is a 2x2 hybrid model that is meant to be fast and effective. Each position is only 0.002 Bitcoin to start and from that you receive 0.007, 2 re-entries back into the Mini Power Cycle and 1 auto-entry into the Power Cycle. Once you cycle in the Power Cycle you will get 1 re-entry back into the Power Cycle, 2 re-entries in the Mini Power Cycle, 0.02 BTC and 2 accounts in the bigger Power Build matrix. We want everyone to know that we care and that we do want everyone to make money. This is our way of helping everyone to be able to do that. Please visit the How it Works page for more information and instructions.